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Nature in the burial ground
The burial ground at the Meeting House has always been a haven of tranquillity.  Now Airton Friends would like it to be more of a haven for wildlife as well – so this year we’re running an experiment by leaving the back boundary of the garden un-mown and planting wildflowers native to the region and suited to the soil conditions here into the resulting strip of meadow.

Grass normally out-competes wildflowers; however, the lawn in the burial ground is not especially vigorous around the edge, which is shady and damp.  It’s already a haunt of Snowdrops, Bluebells and at the time of writing, a carpet of Celandine.  We’ll be adding wild Primulas, Knapweed, Ox-eye Daisy and Ragged Robin to name a few.  We hope that by encouraging these species we’ll also be providing fodder for pollinating insects and other bug life so important for the ecology and health of the wonderful Yorkshire Dales landscape.

Drop in during the year to see how it’s progressing!

Airton on the telly!
The village and Town End Farm Shop are currently receiving a national airing in the form of BBC’s ‘Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge’.  Running on BBC2 from 17th April the 8-part series is  centred on the farm shop and showcases the work of artisan food producers from around the country and explores the delights of Malhamdale and the surrounding area.  Catch up on the latest via BBC’s i-player (TV license necessary).  For more about the Town End Farm Shop, visit the journal on this website.

Rural Housing Consultation
28th March 2018

This week Craven District Council held a community engagement event at Airton Barn concerning their rural housing strategy as part of their work with the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Strategic Housing Partnership.  The consultation concerned ‘the need for affordable housing within the Gargrave and Malhamdale area’.  Further information can be obtained from the partnership’s website or by writing to local Rural Housing Enabler Emily Grogan via