Terms and conditions

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The Meeting House and Barn have been used by Quakers as a place of worship for 350 years, and we attempt to manage the property on the basis of the Quaker principles of simplicity, truth and integrity, equality and peace.   We believe this gives the place its unique atmosphere, and we ask you to respect this.

These principles lead us to good neighbourliness, careful stewardship of the premises and the desire to maintain  the facilities as a positive resource for our visitors.  Accordingly, our terms and conditions of booking are as follows:

  • The use of sound amplification equipment, smoking, banned substances and the sale of alcohol are not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • In keeping with Quaker testimonies, gambling, games of chance and the immoderate consumption of alcohol are not allowed.
  • Rough games and activities which might cause personal injury or damage to the property, grounds or furnishings are not permitted.
  • No animals other than personal assistance dogs are permitted in the Barn.
  • Any possessions brought onto the premises by visitors and guests remain their own responsibility; no liability is accepted for these items.
  • All bookings are taken at the discretion of Airton Friends Meeting.
  • The leader of any group is responsible to ensure all members of the party are aware of these terms and conditions.

We thank you for your understanding.