Terms and conditions

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These terms and conditions relate to overnight accommodation onlyContact us for terms and conditions relating to daytime and evening hire.  In these terms and conditions, ‘the accommodation’ refers to the part of the premises available for overnight stays, this being the upstairs floor of the Barn.  Please note that overnight guests have access to only one toilet/shower room.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions in the light of changes to regulations concerning Covid-19 between the time of booking and arrival. We will notify you of any such changes in advance of your arrival.

Booking and deposits

Bookings for overnight visits are accepted for individuals or single household groups not exceeding 10 people in number only. If a single household exceeds this number, camping for up to two people with up to two tents may be permitted at the discretion of the Friend in Residence.

Your booking is secured upon the return of the booking form by email or post, and receipt of the agreed deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable but at the discretion of the Friend in Residence may be transferred to subsequent bookings within 12 months of the original date where circumstances beyond your control result in your having to cancel.  We reserve the right to retain the booking deposit for avoidable cancellations within two weeks of arrival.

Where a cancellation is due to changes in regulations connected with the Covid-19 pandemic, or in respect of a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 within the booking household, deposits will be returned.

Amendments and cancellations

Amendments to your booking including dates, times of arrival and occupation and numbers of guests for the purpose of overnight stays are permissible up to 24 hours in advance of arrival. Except for changes due to circumstances beyond your control, the full balance (excluding hire of bedlinen and towels) will remain payable after this point. Additional guests or time periods will be managed as an extension to the booking and charged accordingly.


The full balance must be received from the person making the booking or group leader no later than the day of arrival. Bank transfers may be made in advance; payments on site must be in cash or by cheque as we are unable to receive payment by credit card or other mobile electronic means.

Access and agreed times of occupation

Access to the facilities will be provided to the individual making the booking or named individuals who are notified to the Friend in Residence in advance.

For overnight visits:

You are asked to agree an estimated time of arrival with the volunteer Friend in Residence at the time of booking, no earlier than 4pm on the day of arrival. You must notify the Friend in Residence of any changes of plan or delays on the day of arrival via the mobile number 07379 508195, in order to avoid delays to your being able to access the building.

The volunteer Friend in Residence will meet you in person at the front door of the warden’s residence to show you into the accommodation and hand over keys. You are asked to assist in maintaining 2m distance whilst being shown around. You are responsible for the keys and the security of the accommodation for the duration of your stay.

Departure is by 10am after the final night of your stay.

Covid-19 symptoms

In the event that one or more in the group develop Covid-19 symptoms during your stay:

  • You must advise the Friend in Residence immediately.
  • The entire group must self-isolate and contact the medical authorities to request tests.
  • Arrange travel home at the earliest opportunity.
  • Seek professional healthcare if unable to travel.
  • If you are unable to travel, your booking will be extended at your cost until such time as travel becomes possible.
  • Food supplies and laundry for the duration of the extended stay may be procured at your cost.
  • Where an extended stay affects a subsequent booking, the party concerned will be contacted, assisted where possible to find alternative accommodation and if the booking is wholly cancelled, deposits refunded.  We are not able to offer financial assistance for the cost of alternative accommodation.

Completion of the booking signifies acceptance of these conditions.

NHS test and trace

To assist in containment of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will record the contact details of each member of the group and hold for a period of 21 days after the day of departure.  Acceptance of these terms and conditions means you agree to these details being recorded and forwarded to the relevant health authorities in the event of an outbreak occurring to which your group may have been exposed.  Your personal data protection rights are not affected.


No animals other than personal assistance dogs are permitted inside the Barn.

Personal property

Any possessions brought onto the premises by visitors and guests remain their own responsibility; no liability is accepted for these items.

Airton Friends Meeting property

Any damage to the property Airton Friends Meeting, loss of keys or other goods must be paid for.


You are requested to leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition and to follow any specific instructions concerning bedlinen, keys etc. provided by the Friend in Residence.

Your personal data

We will never contact you without your consent for purposes other than in relation to the booking.  We will never forward your details to any third party without your consent.  Any contact details you provide during the course of the booking will be stored securely and destroyed after three years.

Activities and uses of the venue

The Meeting House and Barn have been used by Quakers as a place of worship and welcome for 350 years.  We attempt to manage the property on the basis of the Quaker principles of simplicity, truth and integrity, equality and peace.  We ask our visitors and guests to respect the unique atmosphere that these values have helped to shape.

These principles lead us to good neighbourliness, careful stewardship of the premises and the desire to maintain the facilities as a positive resource for our visitors.

Your booking is for the uses and activities specified at the time of enquiry and these must be in compliance with the ‘Terms of conduct’ below.  All bookings are at the discretion of Airton Friends Meeting and the Friend in Residence.

Terms of conduct
In accordance with the above, the following activities are not permitted anywhere on the premises:

– the sale of alcohol
– smoking
– the use of banned substances
– activities likely to cause personal injury or damage to property, the grounds or furnishings
– gambling or gaming of any kind involving stakes
– accessing illicit online resources

In addition, the use of sound amplification equipment is not permitted anywhere on the premises except by agreement in advance with the Friend in Residence and under the direction of representatives of Airton Friends Meeting.

Finally, guests are asked to respect the needs of our neighbours and all guests present on the premises, with particular regard to:

– disturbance late in the evening and early morning
– personal safety and security
– reasonable access to the facilities
– cleanliness and hygiene

Applicability and awareness

These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors and guests.  The individual making the booking is responsible to ensure all members of the group are aware of and willing to comply with them.